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Mechanisms of Waste Water Package Systems

Waste Water Package SystemsThe process of waste water treatment is the ability to convert waste water into a water which may be a part of the water cycle or reused. Such process may involve water reclamation in the absence of disposal wherein wastewater is treated for various purposes. Treatment involves removal of impurities where various methods of treatment are made applicable. Such treatment of wastewater actually belongs to the field of public works of Australia, however Australian Industrial Pump Systems (AI Pumps) provides waste water package systems for their customers and clients. They are distributors for the Caprari range of mixers and submersible pumps. It is extensive with pumps from 0.3 kW up to 500 kW standard. More so, the varieties are wet well or dry mount, free standing and guide rail mounted. Caprari pumps may also be found available in hazardous rating or special materials. Call us now on (08) 8244 2100 to find out more.


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Available Services and Waste Water Package Systems

Australian Industrial Pump Systems are the highly reputable distributors for the Caprari range of mixers and submersible pumps. We can design and supply a packaged pump system in any of the following materials such as: Concrete, GRC, Fibreglass and Poly sources. In addition, our pump stations could be availed of by the client in sizes from 1m to 3m in diameter and up to 8m in depth. We also have the ability to supply mould formed concrete pump stations in compliance with SA Water standard T68. Also available are 2m and 3m diameter chambers with varying increments. These chambers include many bold features and safety points not seen on other waster water package systems. So from the intricate style and design of the pump system up to installing the pump station, Australian Industrial Pump Systems can assist you to lessen on-site issues or problems by delivering a packaged unit with sump, pumps, controls, and internal pipe work via the waste water package systems.issues and problems and have it all fixed at the soonest possible time.


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The disposal of waste water from an industrial plant is a serious matter to handle and a costly one too. Petroleum plants, chemical, and petrochemical establishments all need built-in waste water treatment facilities so that the process of treating pollutant elements in waste water will eventually with both local and national rules and regulations. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can design a suitable control system from a basic on/off panel to full scale SCADA control. Testimonials and feedback from customers and clients have led us to expand our horizons in Australia. Our largest project was a 12 pump VFD control system with advanced data logging and reporting capability for an offshore oil rig for Clough Engineering in WA. We have been working on one project to another, from the design and manufacture of pumping systems for the mechanical services, general industry, agriculture, and water supply projects waste water package systems and mining services. AI Pumps has all the needs required by a customer in correlation to pumps and services. Call us now for more information about your desired services at (08) 8244 2100.



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