Fire Pumps Systems, Industrial Pumps, Specialised Mist Fire Suppression Pump Sets

Stand Alone or Complete Packaged Fire Pump Systems

Fire Pump selection, design, fabrication and testing is an important part of the Australian Industrial Pump Systems (AIPS) business. This commitment to providing optimal product satisfaction continues following the acquisition by Global Group (incorporating Global Pumps and Global Water). 

We manufactur to Australian Standard 2941-2013 and the Intent of American Fire pump standard, NFPA20. If a fully UL/FM approved pump set is required, AIPS can import these from partner suppliers in the USA and UK. 

Systems can be supplied as stand alone diesel and/or electric pump units with matching control panels, or as "Complete Packaged Fire Pump System" with suction and discharge manifolds, valves, controllers, jacking pump and switches all pre-wired, pre-plumbed and tested as stand alone system.

Fabrication of steel bases and pipework is carried out in-house with great experience and a flexible design approach allows us to build our pump sets to suit the plant room.

Testing is a high priority and part of our Quality Control procedures, ensuring peace of mind for our customers. Australian Industrial Pump System will achieve the duty points, as quoted. 

AIPS Endurance

Our trademark "AIPS Endurance" fire pump set is quality made and designed to last longer and will prove over time to be much more reliable.

One way we achieve this is to select the pump and engines at lower operating speeds additionally we only select quality well proven name brand Pumps and Diesel Engines, (That will have long term back-up) all matched to our locally designed, manufactured and supported Control panel, combined we back our statement of quality with

1) Our Endurance statement of a 25-30 year design life

2) Our Future Proof Performance Guarantee

3) A New 3-year warranty.

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